Invoice Rounding Precision

I’m setting up a new test company. In General Ledger Setup, I want to set the Invoice Rounding Precision (LCY) to 0,01. But Navision doesn’t let me! I’m told that ‘Inv. Rounding Precision (LCY) must be rounded to the nearest 1’. Sure there has to be a setting to avoid this message, but can anyone tell me where it is?

When you change the value in this the following code is run: IF "Amount Rounding Precision" <> 0 THEN IF "Inv. Rounding Precision ($)" <> ROUND("Inv. Rounding Precision ($)","Amount Rounding Precision") THEN ERROR( Text004, FIELDCAPTION("Inv. Rounding Precision ($)"),"Amount Rounding Precision"); Check the value in your “Amount Rounding Precision” field. Django

Thank you very much Django! The setting isn’t default displayed on the Dutch Setup Form. And a happy new year!

Hey , i am having same issue . What should Amount Rounding Precision be set to?

You found this old post, but seems you didn’t find this one: Amount decimal places / general ledger setup

As to what it SHOULD be - all these rounding precisions & tolerances must be set so, that they do not conflict - but different “sets” can be created, that confirm the “no conflict” rule, which one you choose - it depends on your needs.

Hey didn’t seem to figure it out sorry ,

What didn’t you figure out?

For us we have it set to 0.01

Hi All,

Hi all,

Could you share the what parameters do i need to define to round the amount in the PO/SO and Purchase Invoice / Sales Invoice.

For example:

Basic amount - 1000.48

Excise amount -103.4 ( This should be round to neaest value )

Tax amount - 44.15 ( This value should round to nearest value)

Total value - 1148.03.

To achieve the values what setup i need to do ?

Hi ,

you can chose invoice rounding precision :Nearest

invoice rounding LCY :1.0


In General Ledger Setups.

Invoice Rounding Lcy = 0.01

Excisee Rounding Lcy = 0.10

Vat amount Rounding = 0.01