Amount rounding precision need to change in General ledger setup.

Hi experts,

We are working in Live database , by mistake In General ledger setup there is field called : Amount Rounding precision. This field has the value = 1. ( Not unit amount rounding precision)

So we done purchase transactions so the line amount is automatically rounding to nearest .

Now the client asks , he doesnot need to round the line amount.

It should round the Invoice amount only.

So now I try to change the Amount rounding precision to = 0.01.

System throws message there are already posted transactions.

So how to solve this problem.

Now I need to change the Amount rounding precision.

Please help me in this case.

By mistake [:D] The end user did not do much prelive testing then!

My understanding is each time there is a G/L transaction this field is present, so oficially you have to wait to closing of the financial year to change the Unit amount rounding precission, but I have never needed to do this.

I suggest you get a developer to look at the code and the implications of doing this, or wait for a developer or someone with the experience of this issue to post here.

Did you search for this in the forum?