Responsibility center

In Attain 3.60 I’m looking for a functionality available in 3.01 and 3.10; responsibility center in item pricing. This was a very powerful tool in pricing for different business units. There are a lot of references in 3.60 help file but I don’t see where to find and how to implement this functionality. Example : in the report ‘Item price’, on the option tab, it should be possible to specify ‘responsibility center’, but ??? Regards to all Thanks for your help

Hi Vincent, Responsibility centres is a separate granule.Check up first whether that granule is included in your license. The set up is thro’ General ledger- set up- Responsibiliity centres. Setting this up will give you access to it everywhere. Regrards, Dharmendra Desai

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Dear Dharmendra Thanks for your fast reply. Responsibility center is part of my license and I set up two RCs. If you have a look to price table, there is no way to specify the RC. I don’t see where to add this information. In 310, you have this possibility on the price list to add RC. Does Navision shift it somewhere else ??? Best regards

Item prices functionality has been heavily redesigned for 3.60 and generally for the better - though I hadn’t noticed the RC had been removed. Can you replicate your requirement by creating Customer Price Groups that mirror your RC definition and assign the CPG to the customer? Or do you use the CPG for a seperate breakdown?

You’re correct. RC specific pricing has BEEN REMOVED in verison 3.60 !!! But they have redesigned so that it’s rather easy to add to the pricing again.