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Good Day to All!, We are currently evaluating NAV. Just have some questions on how to set up our company with 90 store/outlets which is in the restaurant & retail industry. How do we set this up the following scenarios? 1. We want to track the Sales, COGS, Expenses and Inventory per store. Do we have to create a create a chart of accounts per store or can this be handled by dimension? 2. Sales and COGS has different categories and sub categories. Example sales has two categories (a) Sales Restaurant and (b) Sales Retail, under sales restaurant is (1) Cold drinks (2) Hot drinks (3) Sandwiches and (4) Bakery. can this be handled by dimension. 3. And lastly, how do you transact Inventory transfer from store to store. Do I have to set up the store as location? Has anyone have the same set up or implemented. Thank you.

Hi Randya,

For stores you can use Location code. For Sales, you can use Sales Analysis. In Navision 3.7, sales anaylese has to be done via G/L dimension which was very unflexible. With Nav 4, you can perform analysis straight off from Items.

For inventory transfer, if each store is setup as a location, you can perform location transfers using Transfer orders in Navision. You can even setup Transfer routes in Transfer orders.

Almost every transaction in Navision can be applied a dimension. You can also have inventory for location, etc. Don’t forget you will be using a POS add-on, you must also analysis is features.

Thanks Jordan!

How do you set this up?

How about for expenses?

Thanks again.

Hi Nuno!

That was what we have in mind, create dimensions, but maybe there are other ways, a better alternative.

We need to make the stores as cost center. How do we record and analyze expense? Without flooding the chart of accounts in a per line of the cost center( example. for Electricity do I have to make an electricity account for each cost center) . Can it be done by just making the stores as dimensions.


You can use Responsibility centers in NAV. In Responsibility centers, you can specify default dimensions and default location code. And after that you can assign responsibility centers to users. Whenever a user logs in, the user has default responsibility center attached to the users. With that, comes default dimensions and default location code. In short, the analyses you wanted, can be done in NAV. You just have to setup as such.

Did you mention POS Add on? One of the best ones for NAV is LSRetail. But it depends on what kind of retail segment you are in. Just search them on the web and arrange for demo.

where is the Responsibility Center setup located?

i can only access the responsibility center card thru the customer/vendor card, general tab

i have the demo version of nav 4.0


In Administration → Application Setup → General ->Responsibility Setup

You should read up the section on Responsibility setup in the Trade and Inventory manual. It has detailed explanation on how responsibility works.

Also look up responsibility center in F1 help. It has some explanation there too.

Good luck.

Thanks jordi!

F1 isn’t much help. thats why this forum is a great help.
i just hope you guys wont be distressed by questions by newbies like my self. . .

Hi Jordi,

Can we do the same with Microsoft GP 10.0?If so can you pls eloborate how I could .

Thanks in Advance.