Responsibility Center

Hi every1, I have this problem so hope someone would help me out. In case I use responsibility center is it mandatory for all users to be linked to a responsibility center. And in cse it is then how do i give certain users access to multiple responsibility Centers. There are certain documents where 2 users update the same document. In this case the document is Sales Order. The first line is created by one user and the other lines by another user. Both belong to different responsibility centers. Awaiting your replies soon. Regards, Vinay Iyer

Hi Vinay In Navision, you can either be attached to one responsibility centre or be given access to all responsibility centres. We carried out a very small modification for a customer to allow a user to change their responsibility centre when the logged into Navision - this works well for them as each user has one main responsibility centre but also occasinally needed to access orders from another. Hope this helps. Alison

I too am very curious how navision handles two different sales lines with two different resp. centers. No time to test at the moment, otherwise I would have told you…

A document can only have one responsibility centre but you can use dimensions to analyse the information to different cost centres. If you have two sales lines, each with different rersponsibility centres, then you should have two salse orders.