Responsibility Center wise Access

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Our customer wants to seperate the company areas according to responsibility center concept (Agents, Depot, Head office) in Dynamics Nav 5.0 Sp1. So they can only access the relevant process in the respective responsibility center. I am still new to this concept and i would like to know how I can do the following,

  1. Assigning all users according to the respective responsibility center or according to the NAV 5.0 module-wise. For an example users related to purchasing, or Sales and Marketing etc.

  2. Assign users according to multiple modules. for example Purchasing, Sales and Marketing.

  3. How to use dimensions with responsibility centers.

Further I would appriciate if you can direct me to further resources about Dynamics NAV 5.0 Responsibility center concept and related.

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The responsibility center concept is quite simple to understand but needs coding to be implemented for your needs.

Within the “User Setup” table you assign a responsibility center to users for the main areas of the application:

  • Sales
  • Purchase
  • Service

If you need additional “areas” you can add new fields in the table to support those.
For additional fields in here you also need to add functionality in CU 5700 (find examples on how to implement there as well)
An example for how to implement this kind of security in a form you want to protect (yes, you have to do this for each form you want to limit to certain people) you can find in the form 42 Sales Order in the “OnOpenForm” trigger:

IF UserMgt.GetSalesFilter() <> '' THEN BEGIN
SETRANGE("Responsibility Center",UserMgt.GetSalesFilter());

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