Responsibility Center

Dear all,

My system provider has suggested to ONLY create sales depart as responsibility centre:-

RC1 Local sales
RC2 Export sales

RC1 can not access RC2 and vice versa

Seems likes the responsility centre is user accessibility mode as they explained.

But from the help topic in Navision, Responsibility centre can be treated as Cost center which I am more interested too.

If it is a cost centre, I can have:-

Local Sales
Export Sales
Local Purchase
Oversea Purchase
HQ Finance
Factory Finance
Warehouse & Logistic

Bear in mind these are not department, I wish to assign users from different depart to the respective or multiple cost centre.

Can I do that?


You are confusing Dimensions and responsibility centers. Responsibility centers are used to divide records and access between different groups. Dimensions are used for reporting purposes. You need first to decide what you want to do.

I try to use RC as cost center or as you say groups. We set up department in Dimension for reporting purposes.

Export Sales for Salesperson who only responsible for oversea customer

Local Sales for Salesperson who only responsible for local customer

HQ purchases for purchaser who responsible for HQ purchases

Factory Purchases for purchase who responsible for Factory purchases

and so on…

Each group can not see each others field, unless he/she is the multiple group.

Can I do it by this way?


Responsibility centers it’s a way to filter invoices, orders and other documents from different groups of users.

Yes, you can the filter by that way.