Responsabilty center

Hi ,

How can I use the responsability center to be able to exclude one and use other?

Exemple: Several users must acess documenst in their respective RC. However one responsability center ( Ex: ADMIN) sould not be accessible for some of users ?

How can I set up that or make modifications?


You can look into Security Filters for the SQL Server option. That has its pros and cons.

It really depends on what you are trying to accomplish and exactly how much security you need. You pretty much have to add code to the OnValidate trigger for every field that has a table relation to Responsibility Center. If you just hide it in form lookups they can still type it into the field.

Otherwise think of a “choke point” or bottle neck, like how every sales order has to be released, and put the check there. It won’t prevent the user from adding the ADMIN option, but it will prevent it from processing.