Restriction by Global Dimensions

I have two Global Dimesnions 1) Location and 2) Division and another dimesion “Sales Region” namely North, South, East and West. It is very critical for our business that the people in the e.g. North Region do not see transaction or activities in other regions. How can i restrict the access to all infomation only to the region logging in ??

If you are on SQL you could use the security filters that are part of the permissions table, though you’d need to setup up roles for each of your Regions. Handsome to maintain all these roles but can be done without customization. If you you are on native database, you’ll need customization. In data entry you might use the responsability centers that restrict the users to see only data of their responsibility center. Set the respective Resposibility center filter in the user setup table in GL. For the access to posted entries (documents and ledger entries) you’ll have to add some customizations and add the necessary filters in the forms and reports that require these restrictions. Not very difficult but you need to modify quite a couple of objects. We have done this before, so let me know if you need some more info. Saludos Nils

ty…will get back to you woth more questions

In Navision 3.7, Responsibility Centers are available in Sales & Receivables and Purchases & Payables. Responsibility Centers are not available in General Ledger - General Journal or G/L Entry Table. How do you do this for General Ledger? There also customisation would be required.