Using Responsability centers

Hi ,

How can we make sure that if a user is set up with responsability center, he will only manage his own documents, own master files, etc…

Is it possible to use NAV security filter to allow user to view, edit , delete only base on location code or responsability center?

We dont want that users working in different areas see what other users are doing? What can we manage that without uding security filters? If we have to use security filters , how can we use that?


On the user Setup, assign the “Sales Resp. Ctr. Filter”, “Purchase Resp. Ctr. Filter”, “Service Resp. Ctr. Filter” to the respective users’.

The requirement mentioned can be done with Responsibility center. NAV security filter can only be used with SQL server database only and can be used to limit the access that to the data contained in this table based on administrator defined filters applied.


Question : have you got a requirement where one user should be able open a few responsability centres ?

Exactly . I have some users that need to acess few RC not all or none.