Userwise Permission


We have 4 SBU’s in our company. I want to grant the unique permission to the users so that they are not able to see the data of other SBU’s for which they are not concerned.

We have SBU’s as our Global Dimension. How can we restrict the users to see only the data/entries of their SBU only.


Puneet Ajwani

I hope SBU means UNIT Code…

Create a new field in User setup and set SBU per user and in OnOpen Forms get that SBU and show only related data


IF UserMgt.GetPurchasesFilter() <> ‘’ THEN BEGIN // Get your SBU here


SETRANGE(“Responsibility Center”,UserMgt.GetPurchasesFilter()); // Filter on SBU code



Are you running on SQL server, or NV native database?

To what level you want to restrict the user data.

As mohana said, what you are looking for is called “Responsibility Center”.

Dear Avril,

Thank you for your swift response on my Query.

We are running on SQL Server.

Dear Avril,

Thank you for your swift response on my Query.

We are running on SQL Server.

How can we use “Responsibility centres”?

You can use the Responsibility Center table to record information about your responsibility center.

A responsibility center can be a cost center, a profit center or an investment center. Examples of responsibility centers are a sales office, a purchasing department for several locations, and a plant planning office.

You set up responsibility centers to help administer your business. For example, a responsibility center can administer sales and purchases for one or more warehouses or distribution centers, where goods are handled and stored prior to use.

Each responsibility center has a name (for example, the address of the regional office) as well as a code representing the name. You assign a code to a responsibility center. This code can be used in the responsibility center code fields elsewhere in the program.

For example, when you enter a responsibility center code on purchase and sales documents it affects the address, dimensions, and prices on the documents. Entering a responsibility center code on a Location card will mean that the location (for example, a warehouse or distribution center) is administered by the responsibility center represented by that code.

Hi Puneet…

Yes Tomas suggested is what u actually required…I think you hace already Responsibility centeres running in ur Database…:slight_smile: