Reservation entry does not exist

Hi all -

I am not sure if I should put this issue in this forum but we always get this error when running MRP. The error ‘Reservation does not exists; Entry No = XX; Positive = Yes’. We are running Navision 5.0 SP1; the item is setup as Order. Somehow, the other half of the reservation entry was deleted.

We have created a job that records the deletion of the reservation entry lines and with the specific example I have from the user, MRP was the one that deleted the line…

I have searched this issue in other forums and it seems that it is know issue. I am wondering if this will be fix in the coming hotfix or if anybody has experience this issue and what solution has been implemented.


What r ur settings in Order Tracking and Reservation field on Item Card.

Order Tracking Policy is NONE; Reserve is Optional

How reservation entries were deleted, if u have “optional” selected and reserved it and now u r running planning, then i believe u r bound to get this message.

try this

Make Tracking as “Tracking only” and uncheck “critical” from all items (if u have for any) if they are not of use to you. Do this on test db run ur scenario again.