Reservation Entry does not Exist

I have a Client who DOES NOT Manually create Reservations. Navision creates the reservations internally (they use Manufacturing (MRP)). have anyone had the “Reservation Entry does not exist” message pop during MRP or Journal postings? Why would this occur if they do not use Reservations manually? Has anyone resolved this? Thanks, Steve

Reservation entries are used for storing tracking info for sales-/purchase orders, and possibly also for som tracking in MRP.

Hi schinsky, When does this error pop up? I mean can you give a scenario like for example, when you are creating a manufacturing order from a sale order or when you are just posting items through item journal. One possibility could be because of any location that you might have tagged to the Item. Another one could be that you might not have set the reservation policy for the particular item as “automatic” in the inventory master. Ramya Venkat

Hi, What version do you use? In version 3.6 here was a bug. I think it was corrected, because i don’t receive any news from customers about it. [B)]

The name ‘reservation entry’ is tricky, because it is not always ‘reservation’ reservation entries that it is looking for, there are a few types of reservation entries. Without going into too much detail, here’s a small explanation. Navision creates reservation entries during MRP for pegging purposes, so that it knows which supply goes to what demand. These reservation entries (called that way because they are records in the ‘reservation entry’ table, even though they are not actually ‘reservations’) are then associated with the planning worksheet, and track to existing orders. The thing that caused the error is that these reservation entries are created in pairs, one entry for the demand, one entry for the supply. If you don’t carry out the action messages right away, it can happen that either one of the pair entries get deleted. What also happens is that MRP applies the reservation entries exactly for its purposes, but then when daily processing starts, your inventory gets used for different orders and Navision gets confused. A supply of say 5 is partially used for a new order, leaving only 2 for MRP, so the pairs are ‘out of synch’ so to speak. The bug in some versions of Navision was that it didn’t know how to deal with that. Deleting your planning worksheet (which also clears your reservation entries) and running MRP again should clear this up. Also, you might want to look into getting your database improved with all available Navision hotfixes etc. I know some of this stuff has been corrected.