Error : The Reservation Entry Does not exist. Identification Feild and value Entry No ='9086' , Positives = yes

Hi All,

I facing this problem when posting Purchase Order in NAV 2013,

I have run the calculate plan in requisition worksheet and than create the Purchase Order, when try to post it show this error.

The Reservation Entry Does not exist. Identification Field and value Entry No = ‘9086’, Positives = yes


Have you enabled the reservation ???

Hi Amol,

form where it has enabled , where i can check this ,?

Does any one know how to solve this issuse

Check the reservation Entry …

I have check the reservation entry there i did not this entry number…

Is Anybody deleted this entry from reservation … ??

No one has deleted the entry from there.

Same issue here, just reported by the customer today.
After quick debug, one passes throug new R2 code in codeunit 99000854 DeleteTracking functon.

IF (“Source Type” = DATABASE::“Item Ledger Entry”) AND
(“Reservation Status” = “Reservation Status”::Tracking)
IF ReservEntry1.GET(“Entry No.”,NOT Positive) THEN

So it seems at first sight, it’s possible not both entries get removed. Or, some code is missing, or some code is wrong (concerning filling with 31129999)… I hope we find out soon or being able to simulated this in a standard NAV so this can be reported to MS.

We are getting a similar error, but when we run Planning Worksheet. Any ideas how to resolve?

The Reservation Entry does not exist. Identification fields and values: Entry No.=‘1562213’,Positive=‘No’

Hi Osher, Did you get any solution for this error?? Thanks