Request Form - Text Box Help!!

I designed a report which has a request form to add additional information to the order at print time.

I made the variable a text field of 150 characters.

On the request form I made a text box to enter the information in. When you start typing it just continues to type on the top line and never goes to next line. It starts truncating the characters already entered. The box properties I put Multiline as yes.

Here is a picture attached.

Should I make the variable something besides text??

The text box prints fine on the report but it’s hard to read while your typing in the info.

Thanks in advance,


5734.RequestForm.bmp (576 KB)

Unfortunately that’s just the way it works. The multiline property truncates it across multiple lines, but not while typing, or even with the cursor in the textbox.

Thanks Daniel.

I’ll have to make it several separate fields and combine them into 1 for the report. Thought it would be easier.


Hi Greg,

If you use the multiple fields then turn on the “AutoEnter” property which will put the user into the next field automatically when typing and the field is full. Also you can turn off the border for visual effect.