Multiline TextBox in report

Hi, I’ve been fighting with a strange problen most of the morning. In a report I defined a TextBox control with MultiLine property set to Yes and filled the SourceExpression with a string like this: Tx60a30Clausola3[1]+’ ‘+Tx60a30Clausola3[2]+’ ‘+Tx60a30Clausola3[3]+’ ‘+Tx60a30Clausola3[4]+’ ‘+Tx60a30Clausola3[5]+’ ‘+Tx60a30Clausola3[6]+’ ‘+Tx60a30Clausola3[7]+’ ‘+Tx60a30Clausola3[8]+’ ‘+Tx60a30Clausola3[9]+’ ‘+Tx60a30Clausola3[10]+’ '+Tx60a30Clausola3[11] Closed and compiled. Ran the report and the TextBox showed nothing. I opened the Report Designer and looked at the control - its SourceExpression just contained Tx60a30Clausola3[11] Thought “Damn, I must have messed the line!”, rewrote it, closed and compiled - same result! [B)] After a while of sweating and swearing, I resorted to end the line at [10] and the report finally worked! [xx(] Is there a known limit to the number elements you can join in a SourceExpression? [?] Thanks Anna

I tried to copy ‘n’ paste your source string into the SourceExpression property of a text box in a report under 2.60, and immediately got the error message "[…]SourceExpression may contain not more than 260 characters’. No way to leave the property window, let alone compile the report… Did you try to use a shorter name for your variable?


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Did you try to use a shorter name for your variable?

I didn’t, but I might! [:D] Thanks Anna

If it were my report I’d be combining the stuff in a for loop, obviously in the code portion of the report. The source expression then reduces to a reference to a single variable. I can’t stand typing out long repetitive statements. longTextVar = Tx60a30Clausola3[1\ FOR i:=2 TO 11 DO; longTextVar := longTextVar + ’ ’ + Tx60a30Clausola3[i];

But if Anna has 1000 characters in each variable that is a sure way to cause an overflow error.