multiple lines in a textbox

Hey, i want to have the possibility to enter more than one line into one textbox. As i could see i have to set the textbox-property “MuliLine” to “yes”. But changing this didn’t show me what i expected. The online-help didn’t say more. So how can i make a textbox enter more than one single line ?

You can enter it my using the MulTiline property as you write, but when you’re entering the field it shows as one line. When entered it will show correctly. But it’s not working very good and it’s looking very strange…

sorry, my fault was that i entered just a long string with sensless letters. When entering a string with spaces between the words it works. thanks Ernst

It’s work, but there’s always a big problem, it’s not possible to have a text field longuer than 250 characters and it’s not a lot. Have any solution to pass out this limitation ?

unfortunately not with our current version (DE2.50). Attain would support about 1.000 characters, but i’m not sure. I need more than 250 characters too. I’ve solved this problem by dividing the textfield into 3 seperat fields with 250 characters each. Not very nice but it’s working

If you want more than 250 chars then you could define a Global variable of type text (which allows a max of 1024 chars), and set the sourceExpression of the textBox to that variable. Then on OnValidate event, you could split the text in 250 chars each & save it in the table as 4 distinct fields (250 * 4 = 1000)

That’s what I’ve done but I hope in a further version we’ll have a “normal” text field data type.

@Vishal: it is possible to define a textvariable with 1024 characters ? In our version (DE2.50) we only can use 250 characters in a textvariable. Do you have a special trick or does our version simply allow only 250 characters ?!

Hi guys, May be we must post to navision to have a field of type Memo similar to that in Acess or other programming environments which can take in any lenght of the texts.

Hi, I started working with Navision in 1998, and consultants were asking Navision for this feature then. Hopefully MBS will listen…[:(]