Remove items wich we have used, but not usefull anymore


We want to remove some items, because we do not us them anymore.

When we are trying to remove the item navision comes with the error ‘use the adjust Cost - Item entries batch job before deleting the item’

We have already done a adjust cost for al items, why is het necessary to do a Adjust Cos of the Item Entries en what does Navision do?

I hope somebody can be of help,


Check Item Card: Cost is Adjusted should be checked…

If it is not checked you should have Purchased Receipt that has not been invoiced or Sales Shipment that has not been invoiced or Sales return tat was received but not Credited…

If you user Production you can have Production Order output with non finished Production Order… or one of the components or subcontracting purchase orders was received but not invoiced.


Thank you for your quick answer.

Now i can’t find Cost is adjusted on item card. Can you tell me where i can find that.

Regards, helma

In the Item card, there is a tab named ‘Invoicing’ , and there is a boolean field named "Cost is Adjusted’. May be this field is hide , so you can find it by using the “Zoom”.

Thank you i have found it.

The next question is now:

Why must the cost be adjusted? And what does Navision exactly do?

And can i do that for 1 item?

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Why you do not simply mark such Items as blocked and then set up a filter in code to hide them?

When you’ll solve your current issues, anyway a msg will pop up saying you have transactions recorded for this item, it cannot be deleted [:)]