Cost Issue

Hello Everyone, Our company is using Navision 3.60 from past 2 yrs. I did noticed a strange things quite a few days ago under inventory. There as some 9 to 10 items which has costing method as FIFO. Since I am not sure when, the average cost and unit cost is too high for these items. Some sales invoices posted as with - profit numbers for us, I mean when I press f9 for one posted sales invoice, statistics under navision shows as Sales Lcy = 281.78, Cost Lcy = 354.29,Profit Lcy=-72.51 and etc. I am not sure which routine to run in navision to get the unit cost, average cost under control as such they are increasing day by day. Thanks Khan\

Hi Have you verified that the statistics are infact incorrect by comparing the inbound costs to the sales? The adjust cost item entries routine will “correct” the cost with the purchase invoice cost, but you may have sold the item at a loss. Check the transactions are fully invoiced against the sales line and this will show you the purchase invoice has been processed. With regards to “correcting” the average cost and unit cost you could remove all the stock, assuming everything is invoiced, and then book it back in again defining the correct cost, running the adjust cost item entries after this will correct the cost.

I think that what Wajahatullah Khan has issed here, is that Navision does not maintain cost information on sales documents, so you really should nev expect pressing F9 to give correct costing. Costs are only updated on the Item ledger, the Values entries, and the GL.