Adjust Cost - Item Entries & Blocked Items

Hi everyone, A customer running on Navision 3.70 (UK) can’t run the ‘Adjust Cost - Item Entries’ batch job as they receive the error item no. etc must not be blocked. Is this the way the batch job should function or is it a bug? I’m at a loss at the moment as to an explaination. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks! Mike

Hi, I think you have not applied all hotfix released by Microsoft. Please see the hotfix list. They have sorted out this problem.

Hi Mike Rajesh is correct. Unsure if this helps, but this was suggested code changes when the issue arose in 3.60:


Although Blocked on the item card is a general check mark, the cost adjustment doesn’t need to be blocked. All business transactions (receipt, invoive, shipment) are already done. The adjustment doesn’t create new business transactions, it only recalculates costs. The solution depends on the needs of the customer. If it should be possible to adjust blocked items, the testfields in COD22 can be modified the following way: LOCAL PROCEDURE PostItem@28(); ... IF Item.GET("Item No.") THEN IF NOT Adjustment THEN // add line Item.TESTFIELD(Blocked,FALSE); ... LOCAL PROCEDURE SetupSplitJnlLine@20(VAR ItemJnlLine2@1000 : Record 83;VAR PostItemJnlLine@1016 : Boolean); ... IF Item.GET(ItemJnlLine2."Item No.") THEN IF NOT ItemJnlLine2.Adjustment THEN //add line Item.TESTFIELD(Blocked,FALSE) ... If blocked items should be skipped COD5895 could be modified the following way: LOCAL PROCEDURE MakeSingleLevelAdjmt@12() : Boolean; ... GetCostingMethod(Item,ItemLedgEntry."Item No.",CostingMethod); IF NOT Item.Blocked THEN BEGIN //add line IF CostingMethod = CostingMethod::Average THEN BEGIN ... IF (CostingMethod <> CostingMethod::Standard) AND (Item."No." <> '') THEN ItemCostMgt.UpdateUnitCost(Item,'','',0,0,TRUE,FALSE,FALSE); END; //add line ItemLedgEntry.FIND('+'); ... If manufacturing is used, it is more complicated, because of the dependancy of consumption and output, which are different items. It might (!) be sufficient to exit procedure CalcAndDistrMfgCost at the beginning, if the item is blocked, but it would take more detailed tests to implement a working solution.

However your best avenue really should be the hotfix [:D]

Thanks Guys, I’ll go with Hotfix No.4 as this seems to correct the problem. Cheers! Mike