Regarding Object form

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i have little confusion regading the objects Form(ID 358), this form has source table object, but if i went to find out this table iam unable to find it.

can any one tell me why.



Object is system table .

It will be avaialbe only when you design the form for that table.

a small virtual tables list

thanks for the reply,

now my query is this

in dimension there is , dimension-> account type default dim->tableId-> there are certain table ,
now i want to add location table over there .
and system is not allowing me. any help on this.



in Codeunit 408, Function SetupObjectNoList we have the list…

Please add Location there…

Go to Codeuint 408 Dimension Management

Go to Function Setupobjectnolist

Add your table in that Array.

thanks mohana & Amol,

the issuse is this, i have the branch(Global dimesnsion ) and the location both are same ,and while making the Sales process and the Purcahse process i want as i pick the location at the same time dimension also change , here iam using the document dimesnion form (id 546), in this i want that it also should change according to location .

eg is that

location : Delhi

Golbal dimension (Name) : Branch

Global dimension Code : BRN

now i want the as i pick delhi my location.

the document dimesnion is like this

Dimension Code Dimension Value Code

BRN 04

04 is the dimesnsion code for delhi region.



You have to do customization in Location OnValidate trigger…

Hi Mohana,

where i have to do customiztion in table , form or in the codeunit.




hi mohana,

i have write the below code.

IF DocDim.“Dimension Value Code” <> ‘’ THEN
DocDim.GET(“Shortcut Dimension 2 Code”);
MESSAGE(‘the value %1’,“Shortcut Dimension 2 Code”);

DocDim.“Table ID” := 37;
DocDim.“Dimension Code” := ‘BRN’;
DocDim.“Dimension Value Code”:= “Shortcut Dimension 2 Code”;
MESSAGE(‘the vale %1’, DocDim.“Dimension Value Code”);

here in msg the change is showing ,but not reflecting in document dimension form.



It depends upon where you are checking?

Header dimension or Line dimension?

If it is line, then you have to check some thing like

DocDim.SETRANGE(“Table ID”,DATABASE::“Sales Line”);
DocDim.SETRANGE(“Document Type”,“Document Type”);
DocDim.SETRANGE(“Document No.”,“Document No.”);
DocDim.SETRANGE(“Line No.”,“Line No.”);

DocDim.SETRANGE(“Dimension Code”,BRN);


// Modify



thanks mohana & amol, for help it solved

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