Help regarding table id's

Hi to all,

I have got objects from nos 13700 to 13799 and 16300 to 16599 in my Navision. Can anyone please tell me as to what these ID’s mean. ie are these object id’s related to specfic area such as sales, purchase etc…

Plz help it is very important for me to know.



Hi Naval,

The 10.000…49.9999 range has been reserved for local functionality. So any objects in that range are part of localizations. As such it does not tell you anything on the functional area of the feature. However it can tell you about the country it applies to. Specific sub ranges (with the 10.000…49.999) have been assigned to specific countries.

Seeing that you are located in India I recon you are looking at an Indian NAV database. The 2 ranges you refer to are probably Indian and APAC (Asia Pacific) specific.

As per my knowledge… ID is just indicate a particular object. Its nothing like that 1000 to 1100 ids of objects are belongs to sale than 1100 to 1200 belongs to purchase. Object id which has to be unique for a particular object . I mean if you have object Table with id 90000 than you can assign this id to Object Report but not to table because its already exist. I might be wrong.

Thank you very much Mr. Luc van for the valuable information that you have provided.

Thank you very much Alok. Well and nice to know that you from Baroda. I too am from Baroda working here in Pune.

ohh … same here Naval… always welcome… how much do u have exp in NAV and in which company?