Object table

Hello everyone,

I’m currently working on a project of building a data mart using SSIS 2008 r2 from ERP database.

These datamart will have to be used in every database that has the same structure (same tables/fields)

The problem about these tables is for each database the table name is different.

For example,

Database 1 item table name is company_name1$item

Database 2 item table name is company_name2$item

so I have to redo database vue for each DB because tables have same field structure but different table name.

I did some research, I found in my erp database two things that can help me :

1-All table have different names but same table id

2-Table Id information are stored in table called object that have these fields

Type Company Name ID Name

datatable xxxx 18 customer

My question is how Dynamics Nav link between the object table and other tables ??

I was trying on google for making the object table but, could not find the exactly meaning what is object table? How it create to join the query? I got this detail very precisely so now I can try to make object table to make database.

Object table is virtual table. and it is accessible only when you are designing the form/Page

No it is definitely not a virtual table. The object definition is contained within the object tables as BLOB fields. I don’t know exactly how you could interpret the BLOB field content into usable information as part of an SSIS query.

The part before the $ sign is the company name inside the database. In NAV you can have multiple companies, and this is implemented as a separate set of identical tables for each of those companies. The table definition themselves are identical though, so in your script you will have to do something with the company name as part of the table names. I think that will be easier to accomplish than trying to figure out how to decode the BLOB fields.