About Object Ids

Hi all,

In The Object Designer , for Several Objects , There are Some objects in the range 20000000001-99000880 And 99000750-99000880 And 99008500-99008535.

Wht these type of Objects are called as ? and wht its Use ?



The tables above “20000000001” are being used internally by NAV. The virtual tables are also part of it.
These tables are being created when a new database is created - even without any object created/imported.

The other tables are just part of NAV like the ones between 1…49999. Mostly these table refer to WMS.

The ones all the way at the bottom, the ones in the 2000000000 range, are what is called ‘system tables’. These tables are part of the base application and will be included in every database, even the ones without any application objects. Virtual tables are also in the 2000000000 range, but are not part of the system tables. You can tell the difference between system tables and virtual tables, because virtual tables are not listed in the object designer, as they are in fact not tables.

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