Reconsolidating same period

There seems to be a bug in Navision when re-consolidating a period. If a database consolidation is performed for a foriegn currency company into a local currency company at one Balance Sheet “Relational Exchange Rate” and then the same period is reconsolidated using a different “Relational Exchange Rate”, Navision has no problem making adjustments to accomidate the new exhange rate. If you add Dimensions to the equation, it gives you an error when trying to reconsolidate: “The Journal Line Dimension already exists. Identification fields and values: Table ID= 81, Journal Template Name =”, Jounal Batch Name =", Journal Line No. =‘0’, Allocation Line No.‘0’, Dimension Code = ‘Department’." (Department is one of the dimensions I’m trying to consolidate) I’ve tested this in an unmodified version 3.6, Cronus Holding, Inc. and I get the same error. All of Navision’s documentation walks you through creating consolidations with foreign currencies and dimensions. I can’t believe that this bug has gone undetected by Navision. Has anyone experienced this and how did you correct Navisions code? The bad code appears to lie in Report 90. Thank you for any insight you can provide!