Consolidations w/ Currencies and Dimensions

Does anyone have any suggestions? I need any help I can get. We are consolidating a GBP base currency into a USD base currency company. The GBP company uses dimensions, all the dimensions are also set up in the USD company. If the balance sheet exchange rate is the same from one consolidation to the next, the dimensions can be imported with no problems. If the balance sheet exchange rate is different from the last consolidation, the dimensions cause an error message and the data can not be consolidated. It seems that Navision wants to make an adjustment to compensate for the exchange rate difference. This adjustment has no dimensions. When this happens, the error occurs when consolidating the dimensions. How does Navision handle consolidating currencies with dimensions? What can be done to get around this problem?

Hi Have you anything in the default diensions priority table? I have not tried this but any conflicts should be picked up from here. Of course it may be an issue, so I suggest you report it to your NSC for replication, reporting and resolution. Sorry I a in the US at the moment and do not have Navision with me!