Copy and Paste in Navision

Hi guys, One of my clients had a dimensions problem recently: in an entire batch of journal lines all with departments and projects, when posted, some of the G/L Entries had the Department and Project Code fields filled in with the correct values. But when you went to that secondary table (Ledger Entry Dimensions) the corresponding entries were not there. This obviously causes problems when consolidating or running Account Schedules since Navision looks in that secondary table for the dimensions. After spending an entire day on it I couldn’t reproduce it and all the code looked OK.[}:)] For once it seemed that it was not my coding [;)] We found out today what the problem was: she was entering 10 lines and then, since the next 10 were similar, she was copying the first 10 and then pasting back in [:0] So it looks to me that even though Navision assigns correctly the line numbers, field values and even the Global Dimensions it doesn’t create the dimension entries in Journal Line Dimension (probably because there is no validation). Have any of you encountered this or knows more about how “Copy and Paste” works in Navision? Is this a reported bug?[?] Cristi

Of course it is a reported bug(functionality). I had reported it to our NTR which was escalated but no response/clarification as yet. This was about 3 months back. We did receive some justification though. To get over, had to write code to validate and copy the dimension fields. Even F8 does not copy the dimensions!!! Incidently I have forgotten to recommend F8 for journal entry to any end user since then -} Amit

same bug is in Item Journal, Job Journal … I just changed the property PasteIsValid on those tables. Elena