Error in Report 90 Import Consolidation from DB

When consolating multiple companies each having different base currencies then the currency conversion is completely wrong. The calculation used by navision is GenJnlLine.Amount := ROUND( ((“Balance at Date” / “Business Unit”.“Balance Currency Factor”) - (“Balance at Date” / “Business Unit”.“Last Balance Currency Factor”))); I believe it should be GenJnlLine.Amount := ROUND( -(“Balance at Date” *(1- “Business Unit”.“Last Balance Currency Factor” /“Business Unit”.“Balance Currency Factor” ))); Also there are some text overflows as Navision tries to insert large decimals into the description field. Has anybody else seen this problem. Can somebody confirm there is a problem and my calculation fixes it. Paul Baxter

Yes there is problems when You have large decimals. You must insert a COPYSTR(XXXX,1,30) in a few places in report 90. I think there is also some problem with transactions with closing dates but I can’t remember right now what the problem was.

Hi Paul, We also found the text overflow error about a year ago - before I was a member of this user group I must add - and at the time nobody else seemed to know anything about it. In addition to the text overflow we had problems with zero amount GL entries, which had to be suppressed, it doesn’t sound as though you had this problem. This is all that I did to fix the text overflow: //EY Round rates to prevent over long descriptions // GenJnlLine.Description := // STRSUBSTNO( // ‘%1 adjusted from %2 to %3 on %4’, // “Balance at Date”,“Business Unit”.“Last Balance Currency Factor”, // “Business Unit”.“Balance Currency Factor”,WORKDATE); GenJnlLine.Description := STRSUBSTNO( ‘%1 adjusted from %2 to %3 on %4’, “Balance at Date”,ROUND(“Business Unit”.“Last Balance Currency Factor”,0.0001), ROUND(“Business Unit”.“Balance Currency Factor”,0.0001),WORKDATE); //<<EY regards, Dan.

If this error have been in there for so long, it just may show how much (or little) the Consolidation modules is really used :slight_smile: Maybe if the module was “upgraded” to something useful… hmmmm… Lars Strøm Valsted Head of Project and Analysis Columbus IT Partner A/S