Questions on Licensing

I have a few questions regarding licensing, and before that, here’s some background information:

We use NAV4 in 10 of our countries in Asia. We have one end-user license for NAV4 under the old granule-based licensing scheme. We also have a full developer’s license for NAV2009 (for implementation to non-Asia countries) but cover lesser object range than our NAV4 license.

(1) We have been hosting 10 NAV databases (production) and more than 10 test databases all on one SQL server. All the while, we are only using 1 NAV4 license for all these databases. We were told this is legal since all databases reside on one SQL server. However, when i saw KB914180 article in the Customer Source, it states that one license can only run one database. So have we been using the license illegally?

(2) Due to serious performance issue, we decide to split up the production and test databases into two servers. My friends working with two different partners told me that it is allowed to use one NAV license on both servers since the other one is solely for testing & development purposes and that does not violate our license agreement (and they have been doing that for their own clients as well).

However, our partner and even a person from Mircosoft told us that this is not allowed and we must buy a new NAV license when we run NAV on an additional SQL server, REGARDLESS of whatever purpose it is for. KB914180 seems to suggest that setting up testing & development does not require another license. I am very confused, as i get conflicting information. Does anyone here know for sure whether a new NAV license is needed for setting up test & development databases on a separate server?

(3) I think i know the answer for this, but i just want to make sure – are we allowed to use an expired partner’s license for development work by back-dating the server date?

(4) Can NAV2009 developer’s license be used in NAV4 for development?

Thanks for the advice in advance!

The NAV license allows for 1 production database. If you are running multiple production databases you must have a license for each regardless of location. Microsoft has special programs for multi-site licenses. These change all the time so you would be best to inquire with your NAV partner.

The NAV license allows for 1 additional copy of the database. This may be used for offline reporting or testing. The restriction is that it can not be used for production transactions.

You can use your current license (2009) on a prior version.

Point 1 : Volume Licensing will be the best bet for you. Volume license will enable you to make multiple database with the requirement of compliance of total number of users and not databases. AFAIK volume licensing comes with 150 users or more but I am not sure. You can have your Partner enquire about that.

Point 2 : Already answered by another member.

Point 3: No it is not officially allowed.

Point 4 : Yes and already answered.

For the first two paragraphs of your reply, our partner was doing and telling us otherwise.

According to the partner, we are allowed to use 1 NAV license on 1 SQL server, sharing among as many databases as we have. It is when we split up the databases into another SQL server that we will need another license, no matter what we use it for. This means that we are NOT allowed to use the same NAV license on different SQL server even though it is purely for testing purpose (no producttion transcations at all).

Their advice of the licensing not allowed for testing database was confirmed by the country manager of Microsoft NAV, and hence we have no gounds to doubt their words. It seems like we now have no choice but to purchase additional license. [:(]

Thanks for the advice. We will enquire about volume licensing scheme from our partner, As for using the same license on different server for testing purpose, we were told it is a violation of the license agreement.