Developer License for End-User

Hi All,

I am using NAV 2013 as end user

we buy Developer License

we have 5 databases and 5 instances (all in 1 server)

because objects are different for each DB

my question is … how many developer license we need to buy in this case?

is it 1? or 5?

Why to buy developer license for end user ?? Are they going to do development in Navision 2013 ??


we develop in house

but… last time I worked at vendor, we never sell developer license…

now at client side, vendor said we must buy license for each database…

so if we implement 5 databases, we need to buy 5 licenses

First there is no such thing as an end-user developer license. Clients get access to development by adding the development granules to their NAV license. The comment I made on that other thread was in relation to production databases. You stated that you had 5 production (live) databases. Therefore I said you needed to have 5 NAV licenses.

Now the question becomes whether you need to add the development granules to all 5 licenses or if you could add them to just 1 and use that to develop in all 5 databases. The first thing that would depend on is whether all licenses have the same granules. If they do, my thinking is you could add the granules to just 1. As there is no limit on the number of non-production databases. But, as I said, you should verify this with your NAV partner.

yes in fact i use 5 production databases

because customization that we’re gonna do is different

And how many different NAV licenses do you have?

until today… we havent got any license yet

that’s what confusing me… we need partner to generate license for us

but they said we must buy 5 licenses

So how are you running any NAV production databases, if you don’t have any NAV license?

right now… running 1 production database

still using partner license

I thought you were an end- user? Why are you using a partner license?

I’d suggest asking your partner for a copy of the license agreement. Then review it to understand what the license allows. You may discover that your partner is giving you correct information. 1 license = 1 database.

I thought you were an end- user? Why are you using a partner license?

→ partner give us their license in order for development

and they havent generate license for ours

I can’t think of a good way to sugar-coat this, so I’m not going to bother. That has to be one of the dumbest moves by your partner. Not only have they violated their own license agreement, but they’ve now removed any incentive you have for actually purchasing proper licensing license.