NAV 2013 R2 License

Dear All,

For A Group of Companies

10 different companies are Under a Group of Companies(named BE) and their nature of business are different. If BE wants to purchase the NAV License then what will be the NAV Licensing ?

For A Single Company

A Single Company (named ME) has multiple Location and one of them is the Production Location. The Production Location does not have any connectivity. It’s remote location. Company wants to maintain a separate Database ( NAV database) for that Location.

ME is NAV Client. They have NAV License (20 User) for their Head Office and in the Production Location they need 25 concurrent User NAV License. What will be the licensing for that case ?

What will be the licensing for that case ?

IF the of companies is all owned by the same company (they own min. 50% of each company) and they are running on the same database, then they need one license. If they are not legally owned, then each company need a different license.

For “ME”, if you have TWO separate databases/servers, then you need two licenses.

The only situation where you can use one license is if you have one database/one server. So if you have two databases/two servers, then you also need two licenses (one with 20 and one with 25 users).