Will I need to buy 5 licenses for 5 databases on one server or just one?

Hi Guys and experts,

I’m from end user environment (NAV Customer)

we buy both 7200 & 7300… my question is, we develop for 5 databases. so do we need to buy 5 licenses or 1 license?

for your information, we use nav 2013 … and all databases are in 1 server


Well that depends, if those 5 databases are all used for production then they should already have separate NAV licenses. A NAV license only allows 1 production database. If we are talking only 1 production database, and the rest are for development and testing, then I’d say 1 license would cover it.

If you had 5 production databases, each with their own license, I’m not clear if you could add the granules to just one and use that to develop in all 5. That’s a question I’d ask your NAV partner.