Purposes to split sales and know GP's on each delivery made as below

Hello I hope somebody can help us.

We went live on Tuesday with Nav so I may have a few questions:

We have a trade customer who we invoice, but they send us orders for us to deliver 6 of their customers and we wish to record how much each of the six customers orders are worth, and the GP we make on each of the six. So the main customer (trade ) sends us all the orders and we invoice trade for all orders, but we deliver to the six separate addresses. The main sales GL # is say 6010 and all trade’s sales will be posted there. But when our sales team enter orders for trade we want them to assign the order from trade to one of the 6 different delivery addresses by a drop down box. I understand I need to set a purpose for each of the six delivery addresses. We want to monitor sales and GP’s on each of the six.

Thanks in advance if somebody could help and explain in a simplistic way as we are all very new to Nav.


Hi Andy

As you have just gone live why are you not engaging with the partner who got you live?

The posting is invoice account for the sales, therefore you have to split the order based upon another metric assuming you are not setting up the 5 delivery addresses as separate customer cards with an invoice to reference of the main account - because this way you could report the GP etc by customer on a report, whilst the accounts sees this how they want it posted.

Your other alternative is dimensions. I am obviously not aware of what you have purchased or have configured, but by setting dimension you could run analysis reports to show this information. My memory says the ship to address does not have a dimension, and therefore the sales order operator would need to manually update the dimension to reflect the correct dimension, which is obviously not ideal and open to human error.

Either by setting up dimensions or creating 6 separate customer cards. As shipping addresses dont have an separate accounts assigned to them.

It was suggested we use purposes? Is this correct or dimensions?


Are you willing to create 6 customer cards for each billing or shipping location, is way you can track what order you sent to each. Or split up your order , each order order will be for your trade customer but each one with different shipping address and when you want to know the details in reports you may have to have bespoke or customized reports. I think the latter suggestion is best one.

Sorry forgot to mention that dimension solution will be not be fine because as a standard you can have upto 8 dimensions only.

Where are you defining purposes? Why are you not using dimensions? Have you seen the analysis views? Can you add a “purpose” to a sales order, and if so how do you generate reports or views based upon them - how do they help? I guess you have called a dimension “purpose” but I cannot say - basically there is no such concept as a “purpose” unless it is a dimension. So where do you define these when setting them up from a menu perspective?

The time it takes to get to the help desk and log a call and then get a reply is too long.

So get them in and get them to train you on how to use the basics of the system. Have you gone live without training? Workshops? UAT or modelling?

Dimensions will be fine. It is one dimension with 6 different values.

Yes correct dimensions will be fine :). I don’t why i had changed my mind about dimensions lol.