Profit Center



Basically we have warehouse and we have restaurants so we are used to make transfer order (shipment and receive) so could

you tell me the steps if we need to make our warehouse as profit center and start making sales orders and sales invoice to

stores on behalf of transfer order .

many thanks

You could setup your warehouse and restaurants as Business units and track them as profit centers.

thanks Sbhatbng , is there any other option ?

This feature used to exist in Navision in Advanced distribution in some very old versions, but has not been available for over a decade.

You would need to develop a custom solution to handle this. The core issue is that there is no connection between a sales/purchase order and a transfer order.

You could create a manual process to generate G/L basesd invoices generated from posted transfer orders, but I would imagine that for what you want this will not be enough.

This is quite a common requirement in the food and retail industries, so if you search you may find an add on that does this.

thanks David for your response , is there any other way to do the profit center as dimension .

Just create a dimension called Profit center and create a new dimension for each warehouse. Not sure actually what you are asking. Your partner should have gone through all this with you when they were setting up your system.

thanks alot David for your response

As I remember it NAV have some serious difficulties in in the “profit center” part. As I recon it the dimensions of the shipped/received transfer orders is miss matched. Your finalized stock values in G/L is not matching the actual Inventory (dimension-wise). I have just seen it this week in NAV 2015