Sharing Contacts within the customer hierrarchy

Afternoon all,

We have implemented a customer hierarchy using the Ship-To and Invoice accounts against the customers.

If we enter contact details (names, email, phone etc…) for a contact against the invoice account, is there any way for this to be available for the Ship-to accounts?

We may have 1 x invoice accounts and 10 x ship-to accounts, meaning we would have to enter key contact details to 11 x customer accounts.

any help with this greatly appreciated.



So each account is an individual record - why did you not adopt addresses, i,e, what was the business rationale?

You can link the contacts from memory through the GAB but there are limitations because ultimately the design is the customer belongs to one organization and you have created 11 to reflect 1.

Good morning AdamRoue,

thanks for your response and feedback.

Yes - each account is individual. This was done for sales reporting as although there was a common/central account paying the invoices, details were needed for tracking the individual sales volumes.

Your guidance on the customer belonging to one organisation and we have created 11, is absolutely correct, but the contact details was a bit of an after thought unfortunately.

Any other thoughts on how to configure a solution would be greatly appreciated.


You should have been able to design the sales reporting to split out volumes per delivery address, however that decision is now made. What you will need to try to do is link the contact in the GAB, failing this it would require customizations to do what you ultimately want to achieve.