linking contact card to a customer

please forgive me for a stupid sounding question, but we purchased our software and the vendor did not have a clue how to set it up correctly. To make matters worse, the person in charge of working with the vendor was database clueless and he did not involve anyone on the tech side (yes as i said this is very stupid, do ask me WTF our company did this) during the install.

That being said, we (the tech side) are now trying to figure out how we can change our sales order to include the phone number from a persons contact card that works for that company we sell a product to. I have gone through the contact and customer tables and do not see any type of linking set up at the moment. My question is whether or not there is supposed to be a link between a contact card and a customer card. Also, i think part of hte issue is that a contact card should be changed to a custoemr card linked to a company but the person still in charge of the software says that the two cannot be connected.

Any and all help on this matter would be appreciated. also if i am missing it from some other post i would greatly appreciate a link to the articles.

James Bess

I am by no means an expert in this area, so I can only give you very basic stuff. A contact (of type ‘Company’) is linked to a Customer by way of the “Contact Business Relation” table. There are ways of setting NAV up to create Customers from a Contact or vice versa, I’m not exactly sure about the flow of the process. So you have a Company type Contact, you create a Customer from that Contact, and the system automatically links the two with the “Contact Business Relation” table. Then, you can create related Contacts of type ‘Person’, and enter another company type contact as “their” company.

On the Customer Card, there is a field for “Primary Contact No.”, which I believe shows all contacts and related contacts that are related through the “Contact Business Relation” table. I believe this Concat Number will automatically flow into a sales order when the sell-to customer number is entered.

If you have access to Customer Source, you should also have access to all NAV training material. Try to find and download the CRM manual for your version of NAV, and read more details. It is not a bad thing that your partner doesn’t know this area (you just can’t know it all), but it sounds as though they don’t really want to admit this.

Open the Customer Card and find the “Primary Contact No.” field. Turn on the debugger and click the lookup button of that field. This will take you through the code to show all the related contacts, and you should be able to figure out how the table relationship works.

The Contact name will flow through, but the standard sales header does not have fields for phone numbers. This would be very easy to add though.

Hi James.

First of all! There are no stupid questions here [;)]

Secondly. DenSter are absolutely right. Customers and Contacts are connected - Just like Vendors and Bank are connected to Contact.

You have to write a little bit of code to select the right contact when you create a Sales document; and then you have to add fields for the phoneno.

In Table 36 / 110 / 112 / 114 you add (eg.) field 51001 Contact Phone No. Code 20
Remember! Same fieldno. in all the tables; and to make it easy the same name.

You pick the phoneno. based on the contactno. into table 36 - and then it will be transferred to tre other tables during posting.
You have to it this way, so you at any time can re-produce a correct re-print of a document - even if the customer changed name or anything.
This is also the reason why NAV in standard stores all the information on the posted tables.

Hope this can help you with the last “bits and pieces” - but otherwise is DenSter’s comments absolutely correct.

Have a nice day.