Complete Noob

Hi Guys,

I am a very new member and a new user to NAV.

I work as a spares controller in an engineering firm, to be fair the company use Navision to place orders, raise PO’s and pretty much everything else to do with live orders, but never to generate reports, which when I started and with my exetremely limited knowledge of NAV seemed very old fashioned.

Still i’m determined to bring myself and my ability to construct a report from concise data to the fore of my job.

All I need is a little help.

When using ‘Sales & Marketing > Order Processing > Reports’ which report format would be best used to examine orders that have been shipped and invoiced. I can examine this data using the history tab, but i cant filter the date range, the amount (minus VAT and carriage) and I want to then bring it into Excel to construct graphs etc to support my report.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • A very frustrated spares controller.

This is a difficult question.

Your shipped orders are “Shipments”, your invoiced orders are “Invoices”.

There is no “Shipped and Invoiced Order” in the system.

I would suggest that you either implement a BI-Tool (cube on Value Entries table) or copy these into Excel and build whatever you need.

Hi Frustrated controller :slight_smile: ,

You might want to check out report 108 (Sales and marketing \order Processing\reports\ Customer Order Detail)

This one has excel export functionality and you can put filters on the sales line section for

Qty. Shipped not invoiced and shipped not invoiced to get the data what you need.