Purchase orders from MRP

Apologies if this is too rudimentary, we are just starting to dip our toe in MRP and I have been asked some questions. Its is proving difficult to get much info outside of the online user manual for AX 2009 (we will be switching to 365 in 6 months or so)

We create demand in planned Orders (test environment) once i firm a line, it is pushed to Purchase order details.

It retains the setting set in Item coverage in the lower pane but up top the Warehouse, project code and cost center are blank.

I am really just looking for confirmation that this is working as intended, I’m assuming they want you to insert the warehouse etc yourself? Is there a way to get it to carry over the setting from Item Coverage?

Thanks in advance, much appreciated

Yes planning does it at a line level, so you could have one purchase order being received into multiple warehouses on different dates. I do beleive Projects are different on how you create the demand, but if you have the project ID on the line it covers it. Essentially it is the line information that is important, the header usually cascades to the line on manual creation but in the auto-creation in MRP it amalgamates lines so “one” header is not always an option, so it is blank.

There are never questions that are too rudimentary if you dont know, I would hope everyone feels open enough to ask anything, we were all beginners at some point, and to be fair all of us are learning the speed this software changes!

I’m not that familiar with 2009 but don’t think for those three fields it’s much different in 2012, 365, etc. That information isn’t supposed to come from item coverage or default order settings, it should come from the demand. For example, if you wanted to default a product to warehouse A, but there’s demand against warehouse B, assuming you want warehouses planned separately and not smooshed together, then you would not want the production or purchase order to go to the default A, you’d want it to go to B (or configure a distribution chain where supply order goes to A then a transfer order moves it to B).

You’d need to look at the demand record behind the requirement. That’s something like a sales order line, a project item requirement, a production order pick list item (BOM line), a forecast requirement or a safety stock. Chances are, you’re not including the warehouse or the project ID on that demand record. If that’s blank, then the planned order will be blank, and unless you manually edit it before firming then the firmed/real PO will be blank.

The other thing to look at is your various product dimension groups (storage, tracking, product). In those groups, you can configure the behavior of dimensions like warehouse and project. Part of that configuration includes setting it as active or disabled, required or optional, and in particular “coverage plan by dimension”. You might be set up where certain dimensions are being treated as required but might want only active/not-required, making them optional. You might also be overkill on the coverage plan by dimension, planning to too granular a level. For example, some companies wish to track inventory by site, and by warehouse, and within the warehouse by location. In terms of MRP planning, it would be very unlikely that they’d want the location to factor into the plan, meaning if it’s at the right site and in the right warehouse, but on a different shelf than the demand, it would not count as available towards the requirement, so location would be active, probably also required, but not checked as coverage plan by dimension. Under that configuration, all transactions eventually have to have a proper location in order to post, but since MRP doesn’t care about the location in the planning process, it’s up to the users to fill in that blank at some point.

Thank you for your thourough answers, it confirms what i suspected. It’s hard to get info on AX 2009, it seems everything points to 2012 or 365 now, i really appreciate your help