MRP has to consider two warehouses as single Warehouse

Hi Experts,

I am having "X" Item in WH “1” 100 Numbers and In WH " 2" 100 Numbers If I put “X” Item 250 Numbers in sales line.

It should generate planned purchase order for 50 Numbers.

How to achieve this kind of set up in Ax 2009(MRP has to consider both the WH as single WH )



Unmark the coverage plan by dimension for warehouse in the Dimension Group attached to the item.

Thanks Kranthi,

But we have defined same dimension group for FG and Raw material.

I need this kind of set up only for FG items.

To achieve this any other way.

Or We need to define different dimension group for FG and Raw material



Define different dimension groups…

Yep set the dimension group to plan correctly and set the correct dimension groups to each item, if you chose to have the same dfimension group for raw materials and finished goods and want to plan differently it is not possible - simple setup so set it up!

Thank you Adam and Kranthi [:)]