Reserved ordered issue status


When I run MRP for an item (item type and it is attached to SO), MRP suggests planned transfer order and planned purchase order. This is fine.

I then firm both orders.

Subsequently when I go to purchase order (that I firmed). If I view stock transactions (under PO line → Stock → Transactions) I can see following two item transactions -

  1. Purchase order with Ordered Receipt status. This is fine

  2. There is a second transaction with ‘Reservered ordered’ issue status. The reference of this transaction just say ‘Transaction’. I want to know which setup creates this transaction. Can some one let me know please?

Details of key parameter settings are below -

  1. Sales ledger Parameters → Reservation is manual
  2. Sales order line Reservation parameter is set to manual
  3. Stock management parameters → reserve ordered items is switched off
  4. Item is not attached to coverage group
  5. Item stock model group is FIFO. Reservation is switched off.

Any info/pointer would be highly appreciated.


The item has no coverage group but it is suggesting transactions? Is this the default planning parameter group driving this? However you have purchasing and transfer orders suggesting an item coverage setup between warehouses. Can you confirm the item coverage settings? I guess the second transaction is the transfer order out, but I would need to set it up as per your item coverage. What version is this in 2009?

We are using Ax 2009 + SP1 + KR3

All items in Ax are configured without coverage group.

In MRP parameters, default coverage group is configured. This uses ‘Requirement’ coverage code.

Some additional info -

  1. If an item is in stock, this additional entry does not get created. It gets created only when the item is not in stock.
  2. We have done a customisation on MRP area. If a SO is attached to a project, then all resultant PO (created as a result of MRP firming against this SO) is attached to same project. But as far as I can see, this customisation does not tamper with InventTrans directly or indirectly.
  3. Finally ‘marking’ is set to ‘no’ in MRP parameters.

Does the item have item coverage details set? If not why is it creating a transfer and a purchase order?

Is it an additional transaction, or in reality is it the supply-demand balance? If it is in stock are you saying it only creates teh PO line or neither?

Thanks for your reply.

Item coverage has not been set up for items at all.

This is what puzzling me. This is the reason why I checked/rechecked all configurations (reservation, item coverage, marking etc) mentioned in my previous comment.

If stock is available, Ax just creates PO line. Only when stock is not available, it creates this additional line.

Your comment about supply-demand balance is interesting. Because when I view stock transactions from Purchase order line, I noticed the following -

  1. Purchase order transaction with ‘ordered’ receipt status has Lot Id ‘003338_080’. And reference lot ‘003339_080’
  2. The second transaction with ‘reservered ordered’ issue status has Lot Id ‘003339_080’. And reference lot ‘003338_080’

So obviously Ax creates second transaction to balance first transaction.

The only puzzle is - considering our parameter settings, how this second record gets created?

Well the requirement coverage setting in planning is clearly creating one of the transactions, I would guess the one that balances out the demand at the default warehouse - but the demand is not on this warehouse and hence the transfer order - however a transfer order can only be created if the warehouse has the refill set on the warehouse tab and the warehouse defaulted - does it? My issue is you have stock, this is then transferred but there is no transfer but there is a purchase order - makes no sense unless demand takes it negative. What are the warehouses and demand on each and the supply train when you have teh two lines, i.,e stock in B of 5, load demand of 3 on C and it creates a transfer B-C for 3 and a PO on B for 10.

I would suggest resetting the warehouse not to refill and re-running it. I would then suggest setting the parameter setting to transfer - if anything is then created you have a clear issue with your modification - because nothing is driving planning!!

I found something else yesterday. From the projects module, I created a PO (via Item task). Subsequently when I went to the PO line and viewed transactions (Stock → Transactions), I found two lines mentioned in my earlier post.

So obviously this issue is more fundamental well outside boundaries of MRP.

Also the changes we made sit well within MRP module. So these changes cannot be the cause.

Ah sorry

Project, if you receive a purchase order in against a project it will also create a deduction line as it immediately consumes it into the project. Does this answer your question then?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Your replies helped in identifying source of issue.

Glad to have helped, just not sure where [:D]