Master Planning Setup

Hello, Where’s a good place to gather information about how to set up MP with all of the check boxes for messages and definitions for the variables. as well as reports

thx John

Go on a Microsoft course, downloa the manual from customer or partner source. You could sit an e-learning course if you wanted (I would not recommend them). Failing that as a minimum pick up the manual and configure scenarios with the system in front of you. Any specific questions feel free to ask on here.

Thanks for the reply. What I was looking for was a detailed explanation or examples of how the planned purchase order report will change depending on the choices using Future Messages as well as Action Messages. Dates seem to change but are all over the map and I’d like to get a handle on what they are telling me.

Simply put that document does not exist. Once you understand the basics you will know what will impact on the dates - are you set for finite material, finite capacity, what are the negative and positive days, what is teh item coverage reordering policy, what is driving the demand and how many levels etc. Understand the basics and apply it to your scenario is the only way to go. Everyone configures it differently, so it is hard to give definitive examples.

If you have an example go to the item and inquiries and explosion. The date to start is driven by something in here, scroll down through the dependent items, then navigate to any sub-BOMs etc until you get to the bottom and the PO. Of course how you set up action and future messages does also impinge on what is set on the date, but this goes back to understanding the basics.