Production order route control

I have setup a route with 2 operation, let say Operation 10 is Drawing and Operation 20 is Cutting. i create a production order, start the production order. During i enter the Route card via Journals> Route card, Ax allow me to enter the Operation 20 and post. It doesn’t validate that i must enter Operation 10 before i can enter Operation 20.
Is it Ax work like this or i miss out any setting?
I need Ax to control that i must enter Operation 10, then only can enter operation 20.

Pls help. Thanks.


This is not restricted as you want. You should implement a small customization there.

I beleive you can control this in Shop Floor, but in production this is a journal. It will stop you posting before operation 10 is posted, but if on your journal you had operation 10 and it was marked as ended and you filled no time you actually told the system it took you no time and closed it. As Fabricio states you would need to modify the production route card posting routine to verify that operation 10 is complete before operation 20 is reported. Many businesses would not want this restriction, they make a 1000 and at the end of day 1 250 have been completed through operation 10 and 100 through operation 20, so they can report in 100 even though 750 have yet to start and still accumulate all the required WIP of the day.

Thanks for your advice. In order to control the “Route card journal” posting by operation (in sequence), I need to customize it. I have another question, I also found out that Ax does not control the Good and Error qty in the route card. Let say my production order is 1000 qty.

I complete Operation 10 with GOOD 800 qty and ERROR 200 qty, I post it.

Ax allow me to enter for Operation 20 for GOOD qty more than 800. Why Ax doesn’t control?

Pls advice. Thanks.

Because in some industries you can start with 1000, complete one operation with 900 and the next with 910. There is no validation, they expect you to control this through reporting what is defined on the route card, and then the last operation is checked by the report as finished, but you can still report different quantities.

Thanks Adam. Can you let me know what type of industry “start with 1000, complete one operation with 900 and the next with 910”.

where the weight will not be changed - the numbers will get changed.

Anything in the process industry has this capability depending upon the routing. Also from my experience any industry - they say 900 at operation 10, and suddenly it is 902 at operation 20 because the counting was not accurate at operation 10. In most implementations without SFDC they do not capture the quantity on the route like this.