Production Order - Route Journal


Production order is created for 1000 Nos. on day1 Started with 1000 Nos. day1 Route consist 5 operation, which are completed as under:

Printing 1000 Nos in 8Hrs on day1 Assembly 500 Nos in 8Hrs on day 1 & 500 Nos in 8Hrs on day2 Welding 400 Nos in 8Hrs on day 1, 400 Nos in 8Hrs on day2 & 200 Nos in 4Hrs on day3 Testing 1000 Nos in 4 Hrs on day4 Packing 1000 Nos in 4 Hrs on day4 Kindly explain how should I post route journal date wise. Each operation started & ended on different dates.

Create a manual route journal each day and post at teh end of each day.

I know this way out. But can I make it through AX systematically for end user.

define the word “systematically” in that sentence! What do you want to do - I have said create a journal, if the system creates a journal you post it when you post it. Try MES and job scheduling and recording real time - that is your other option.