Partially QTY Report as Finished Post

Dear All

I have case . I Create the Production order 10 qty Scheduled both Operational and job scheduling now I want post the partial qty in the Job Card . like job1 finshed with 10 qty and job 2 with 5 qty… and remianing will post lateron

Is it possible in Ax 2009 Please help me . Thanks In Advance

The answer is yes although your question is not clear. If you want to post per operation fo the routing you can achieve this by posting a line of the journal and do it operation by operation - you can start it by operation for example. With your 5 you just do not end mark it. Or you use SFC. Although you may mean report as finished, in which case I am confused by the 15 when making 10, but again is possible by not ending the job etc.

Thanks for reply

in more details with example

Example - Production Qty – 100 pcs

Total Operation -10 to 50

I have done job scheduling … And start the Production of 100 Pcs Qty.

Now I post the Job Card Journal – in following manner

Oper No Good Qty oper complete production report as finished

10 100 check yes

20 100 check yes

30 100 check yes

Now I want to make the Partially qty in next oper 40 only 50 qty goes …

40 50 check No

50 50 check NO yes mark

now push the report as finished its show me error complete the Job … in info log

But I want make the partially post the Qty and update the Inventory with only 50 qty and reaming qty will post later on.

But this is not happing on Job Card Journal .

But above process happen in Route card … allow me to post the partially qty .

So please if u have any solution let me know .

In the first you are using the job journal to presumably report time and quantity, so you do not need the RAF, I presume you are not using SFC?

You then mention the route card journal.

Which are you actually trying to do this with? Are you trying to report production without a RAF journal but through the route card journal?

Also what are your routing group settings?