Production order > job card journal


I setup the route for an item as below.

Opr No Priority Operation WCenter QtyCategoryID

10 Primary Drawing HP1 USD1

10 Secondary1 Bending PP1 USD3

It mean for drawing process, every piece produce, the process cost is USD1. Bending process cost is USD3/ piece. Both operation run at the same time.

I create production order (qty =1) , when i Update> Estimate. AX calculate the process cost correctly, which total are USD4.

I START the production order without posting any journal. Then i create a job card journal, enter the Good qty as 1 for DRAWING operation only , and POST.

When i click on Inquiries> Route transaction. AX show my route total cost are USD2. The calculation as below:

Operation Value Amount

Drawing 1 USD1

Bending 1 USD1

My question is:

  1. Why i enter job card for Drawing operation only, AX will capture both drawing and bending cost?

  2. Why the bending cost is USD1 , not USD 3. It follow the primary operation cost?

Kindly advice.

Why is bending a secondary operation and not a primary with operation 20?

The item are having 2 operation run together at the same time with 2 different machine. So i need to setup as Bending as secondary1 (Operation 10).

I would guess that because it is a quantity cost allocation and you can only have one quantity from the operation it is taking this to be the primary. I would expect the setup and process cost to alter with the production, but to verify this I would need to configure the system as you have but I do not have time, I would suggest you contact Microsoft and ask the question.

Thanks Adam, i will check with MS.

Update us when you get a response! [:D]

I reported this issue to MS, the support team acknowledge it as a bug. He will ask their development team to look in it.

Thank you, I will have to try and remember that one if I ever need to configure it in that manner,