production order reservation from different warehouse

I run the master planning, from the planned production order.
I firm 2 planned production orders.

a) (a) FG (whs = GW) and its bom line is a sub component XX (bom line whs = GW)

b) (b) Sub component XX (whs = MW) and its bom line is raw material YY (bom line whs = MW)

When I perform firming, i use “Update marking = Extended”, so AX will reserve the component XX (whs = GW) in production (a) link to production (b) but whs = MW.
I completed the production (b) and the component XX were stock update to MW warehouse.
For production (a), I am NOT able to pick the component XX even though it was reserve, due to different warehouse.

  1. (i) How can I to pick the component or backflush the component from different whs?

  2. (ii) Any setting that I can play around ?

Kindly advice.

You are consuming the sub-component at GW but making it at MW - Why are you making it at MW? If you ran this on planning XX would have to have GW as the warehouse, unless your dimension group is not set to control at the warehouse level? It should not be MW, no idea why it would do this in a straightforward setup. Ignore the restm figure out why planning is set to produce something at MW that is not needed whilst igniring demand at GW.

My dimension group setting for “Coverage plan by dimension” is by Site only, not include warehouse.

Currently sub-component are consume at GW, we make GW as a WIP warehouse.

However the sub-component is made at MW. User want to control and monitor the sub-component. They will perform TRANSFER from GW to MW. Due to reservation/ marking, AX NOT allow the TRANSFER transaction or BACKFLUSH in the production order.

Do you have any idea to resolve this?

  1. Set the dimension group to coverage plan by dimension at warehouse.

  2. Set the item coverage settings to transfer from GW to MW.