how to exclude a BoM component from Master Planning?

Hi, I set up a demand forecast (period) for a FGI say 10 items for the next 5 months

We have a BoM component say Screws that we don’t want Master Planning to generate a planned purchase order. Now how could we exclude that item from Master Planning?

  1. we have two warehouse 1) for customer consigned 2) regular warehouse. We want to MP to exclude the customer consigned warehouse. How could we achieve that?

Should I select ‘Manual’ checkbox in the warehouse form under Master planning?

Many thanks


That would likely work, or if you have coverage groups setup for multiple dimensions ( Site and Warehouse ) you could only apply a standard coverage group for regular warehouse, and leave customer warehouse as manual coverage group. This would be done by checking the ‘override’ box on the general tab under Released Products->Plan tab->Item Coverage


Hi Silvano, thanks for the quick response. I don’t have a coverage group set up by dimensions as we have 1 site and 1 warehouse but 3 locations. So question is how to stop MP for 1 component in a BoM?

For customer consigned goods, then I can manually check for the planning coverage and hopefully that will work.

another question. we put in the sub-assembly in one location - I hope when sub-bom is pegged for a planned production order that MP will exclude this item when I run net or gross requirements. Is it.