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pls help me out in the scenario

I have a BOM item and it has RM 1 , RM 2, Sub BOM 1 , Sub BOM 2

BOM = RM1 + RM2+Sub Bom1+Sub Bom 2

Now i have RM1 avaiable in WH1 = 100 and RM1 in WH2 100 , RM2 in WH1= 100 and RM 2 in Wh2 =100

Sub BOM1 in wh1 = 20 , WH2 in 20 , Sub BOM 2 Wh1 = 30 , WH2 =20

Now i have a sales order of BOM of 400 . Whn i run master planning system shd consider all the warehouse of each RM1 , Rm2 , SUbBOM1, SUb BOM2 which is ( RM 1 (Wh1+wh2)=200 , RM2(Wh1+wh2)=200 , SubBOM(wh1+wh2) =40 and sub bom2(wh1 +wh2)=50 ) and then give the planning of RM1 =200 , RM2 =200 , Sub BOM 1 =360 , SubBOM 350 .

warehouse planning is avaiable in system , how to configure it properly (where it should consider all the quantities in all the existing warehouses and at various sites) i need some answer . Pls do let me know if ny one knows

How to plan as per warehouse within the system and to calculate on the basis of it ?

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There is no dynamic planning due to logistic and geographical reasons. It is rule based, you need to set the item coverage from the item to say WH1 is refilled by transfer order from WH2, assuming this is not a global setting and you can define it against the warehouse. Alternatively if you did not plan at warehouse level the system would consider stock at a site level.


Thankks for responce ADAM

Then if the system is not doing the Dynamics Planning , How can i able to address the same issue ?

As I have to Calculate the actual demand after Planning ( Total Demand - on hand RM1, RM 2 quantities , SUB BOM ) at warehouse level .

Pls provide some documents if you have to eleborate

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Have you read the planning manual? Do you understand the item coverage setting? Difficult to comment without knowing warehouse setup etc