Problem with collective account

Hello! NOTE!!! This is the english translation from my post in the german forum(original post, as my business english is not the best, and the orginal text contains german financial vocabulary, some translation may not correct, so if you do not understand something, please ask, i’ll try then to explain. System Navision 2.01b local currency EURO When i compare the the amount of the swiss collective account for the year 2003, where the debtor bookings are booked in the swiss currency, i notice a discrepancy between the balance of the collective account an the balance of the swiss debtor bookings. If i compare the swiss debtor bookings and the amount of the swiss collective account till today(27.2.2004), then the amounts are identical. I have follwing suspicion, what would happen, if the report “adjust exchange rates” was excuted for example for the period 01.01.2003 - 18.02.2004 and as booking date was 31.12.2003 selected. Then would all open debtor bookings in the currency CHF(swiss currency) for the period 01.01.2003 - 18.02.2004, adjustedt by the actual swiss exchange rate and the adjustment diffeence would be booked by 31.12.2003 on the swiss collective account. If so, then it would never be possible to get for 2003 identical balances for the collective account and the debotor bookings. Do you think, that it is possible, that difference for the year 2003 is affected with the above example, or do you think, that it is something different. But it must affectedt in any way with the date/period, as the actual soldes (till 27.02.2004) are identical (as they should allways). I hope, that anyone here has good suggestion, how to solve the problem BTW I can exclude an error in the reports, as i also checked the soldes by using the raw table datas. best regards Ufuk Altinkaynak