Vendor posting groups, Subledger vs GL discrepancy


We are using Navision version 3.70.B. Some background: our Vendor subledgers are set up in foreign currencies (Amount) and USD (Amount ($)). Our GL is reported in USD. Recently, some entries were posted in Vendor accounts when they were set to incorrect Vendor Posting Groups. Hence, these subledger entries populated the wrong GL account.

To correct, I tried reversing the entries using the same foreign currency amount (Amount) and USD (Amount ($)) as in the subledgers, changing the Vendor Posting Groups, then entering the transactions again with the correct Vendor Posting Groups and the same Amount and Amount ($). After all currencies were corrected, a reval was run. The subledger foreign currency balances are now good. Unfortunately, this has now created a discrepancy between the subledger Amount ($) and GL USD balance. Any suggestions for correcting without direct GL posting?


Hi Eva and welcome to forum,

Run Adjust Exchange Rates BatchJob ( FM / GL / Periodic… / Currency / )

Hello and thank you,

After the correcting entries were posted (i.e. after the Vendor Posting Groups were corrected), the Adjust Exchange Rates BatchJob was run but it did not equate the GL and Subledger Amount ($).


Then - what about dates (read Exchange rates) - were initial, storno and final transactions entered with the same PostingDate?

How did you do the storno - it should be CreditNote with Correction=Yes.

But, anyway, even if dates were different, AdjExR should have handled it, but there were some problems in 3.7, after such corrections. Try to run it with later date, say, month end, not the day of transaction - if even that doesn’t help and Vendor Ledger is now OK, you may correct GL thru GL journal, posting difference to ForEx gain/loss account…

Yes, everything was entered with the same initial Posting Date. Storno transactions were done through FM → General Ledger → General Journals (since this was how the initial transactions were entered) - could this the problem?

All transactions were revalued using the month end average rate. I noticed there are a few transactions still marked “open” even after revaluation - is this an issue?

Unfortunately, correcting the GL directly through a GL journal entry and FX gain/loss is not an option as higher authorities do not wish it. I need an option that can be fixed through the subledgers.


No of course - I supposed you had PO/PI, that’s why I suggested CreditNote

AdjExRate batch job affects ONLY “open” transactions… There is no need to adjust something that is complete, only outstanding amounts need to be adjusted as FX changes.
“Closing” is done by Allocation or autoallocate happens when you create payments from AP. If transaction in question is “closed”, and your superiors exclude direct correction thru GL journals, you are in trouble, because in v3.7 it is impossible to “Unallocate” - this can be done only in later versions.

Only way then - call your Partner to help, with Partner’s license it is theoretically possible to interfere, but not every Partner will go for it, as it is not what is called “good practice” how things should be done.

Hmm, I see. Thank you for your help.


When normal Allocation is done, among other the FX balancing entry in GL is created, too, if needed. If this didn’t happen for unknown reason, you may explain your superiors why you now need to do it thru Journal manually…

Yes, thank you Modris. Be assured, I’m trying to gather some opinions from experts like yourself to build my case for what you suggest.